Yasushi, Summer, and Christian talking about episode one

Episode 1: 
Up Over and Out

Paying homage to the past, present, and future of jazz, these incredible artists have come together for the first time as a cohesive group to play iconic jazz standards at the famous Rudy Van Gelder Studio. In this episode, the group is performing “Up Over and Out” by Hank Mobley.

Bach Stradivarius Trumpet 19072V Vindobona

Bach Stradivarius Trumpet 19072V Vindabona

Played by Sean Jones & Summer Camargo

The 19072V is the long-awaited successor to the classic Bach Vindabona trumpet models. Bach Brass worked with top artists to improve on Bach's original design and create something special. This instrument provides the player with a nearly unlimited color palate and breadth of sound while maintaining the agility of a much smaller bore instrument. Vincent Bach's original idea of pairing the bore and bell size of a German rotary trumpet with the valve block of a French instrument gave birth to a uniquely American trumpet sound.

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Ludwig Drums Classic Maple

Ludwig Drums Classic Maple

Played by Bryan Carter

Bryan played on the Ludwig Classic Maple series drums. This series offers full tonality, rich sustain, and exceptional versatility. For over 20 years, these qualities have made the Classic Maple the premier choice for professional drummers. Completing Bryan's is Ludwig's Classic Hardware. A reprised classic package of portability, innovative features, and professional performance, the Classic Hardware is designed for the “on-the-go” drummer. This updated hardware series is precision-engineered for higher function and playability.

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Henri Selmer Paris Alto Supreme

Henri Selmer Paris Alto Supreme

Played by Jaleel Shaw

The Henri Selmer Paris Alto Supreme is characterized by a perfectly balanced tuning, infinite sound colors, and a great ease of response. It hides the natural and inherent constraints of the saxophone - the playing limitations are non-existent. Its roundness and projection capacity make it an instrument that is both traditional and resolutely modern. The refinement and care taken in its manufacture, as well as its entirely corrected ergonomics, reveal an enjoyment and ease of play that has never been seen before.

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