BYOS, Harvey Thompson and Ralph Nader Performing

Episode 3: BYOS

BYOS (Harvey Thompson and Ralph Nader) have been a driving force for the marching arts, performing worldwide and captivating audiences online. The Blue Devil's community night performance weekend allowed them to connect with the drum line and present their journey as musicians. They reflect on the importance of influence, music programs, and developing as a player with the "Bring Your Own Style" attitude.

״Band Programs builds character, discipline, and it also builds leaders.Ralph Nader

Music is the number one source that connects us. It's something that took us all by heart. It brought us here in Wyoming, 7,000 feet above sea level. We’re able to just enjoy each other's passion from their art and their approach.

 Even though the music brought us here, what's holding it together is being able to play and do the things that we do and hear the excitement in the kids because they understand what we are doing. Not just, oh, look at them playing drums. They understand the intricate little things that we doing that seems like it's easier fun, but it is really technical. That was a good experience. And then just talking with some of them, having them show me stuff that was cool. The vibe, the energy is there so that the moment we picked up the drums is just instant click and I'm going to be connected with them from this point on.

 Band programs and youth programs builds character, discipline and it also builds leaders. Drumming got us out the house, it got us traveling, showed us the world. If we didn't have that outlet being city Brooklyn kids, we probably would've got caught up doing something different.

 The reason why music and this activity is so important for the youth is because it changes its lives. In band, you make lifelong friends. Band is one of the only places that accepts every and anyone. And on top of it, in any marching band program, scholarships to get to college is much easier than basketball, football, soccer, volleyball. Being able to be a part of something that could build you up change our life and being accountable for yourself and others is so important and we need more. 

 To have that outlet. That was the best thing for us. And we're sitting here today with the Blue Devils running this camp and it's like, wow, who would've thought We need to continue to support the activity. The future children are the future.

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Ludwig Ultimate Marching Snare

Ludwig Ultimate Marching Snare

Played by BYOS

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