Art Cruz playing Ludwig Drums kit

Episode 2: Art Cruz

Art Cruz reflects on his experiences connecting with the Blue Devils and what inspired his journey as a musician. It also highlights an exclusive performance with the Blue Devils during a Community Night in Laramie, WY.

״I think striving to be the best is important, but striving to just be yourself and not be so hard on yourself is probably the most important thing.Art Cruz

Drumming, Collaboration, and Community

This has been a very emotional trip overall. I had no choice but to go back in time and think about where my itch for wanting to play drums came from. When I was in high school, first doing drum line, we all wanted to be a Blue Devil. 

What I saw in the Blue Devils was that hard work, comradery, discipline, all the things that they teach you here to put on that championship show – that championship group.

There's so much to that word – being a champion player. You want to be the best. We all want to be the best, but the problem is nobody's perfect. You're going to drop sticks, you're going to flub a drum fill, you're going to do all that stuff. But I love presenting that aspect of my career, showing the vulnerability of playing on stage and being able to make mistakes. I think striving to be the best is important, but striving to just be yourself and not be so hard on yourself is probably the most important thing. 

You can be an incredible drummer, guitar player, saxophone player —you can be the best in the world. There's a real big difference from being a phenomenal musician and being a professional musician. 

That takes a lot. It takes a lot of patience. It takes a lot of uncomfortable situations. It takes a lot of communicating with your band and building relationships, and I think collaborating brings you to uncomfortable situations which makes us stronger performers and stronger musicians. This Blue Devils' collaboration has really opened up my eyes to want to share stories and be able to communicate with other artists. 

This is the first time that I've actually been able to play with another Ludwig artist. So we share this bond through the drums, like you're rocking a Classic Maple, I'm rocking a Classic Oak. The contrast of both of the kits shows how truly versatile Ludwig drums are, right? Bringing like more of a heavy sound to the Classic Oak. It's perfect for the gig. That's the beauty of Ludwig. 

To come out here and see Musser, Ludwig, Conn Selmer – the whole connection and the quality of instruments – it's one sound coming together. I'm like, it's so beautiful. What these brands are doing for our community of musicians, all of the artists that came this weekend, and the Blue Devils coming together, it can be done and it's because of the instruments.

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Classic Oak

Classic Oak

Played by Art Cruz

Our unique design combines the richness of Oak and Maple, resulting in a well-balanced, focused, and sonorous tone. Featuring a range of exciting new finishes and expanded configuration choices, Classic Oak stands alongside its counterpart, Classic Maple, as an authoritative, vibrant, and professional drum kit option.

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